Al Miller Stadium and PHHS Gym Rules/Directions
Monday, September 6, 2021

Al Miller Stadium Rules/Directions

  1. Stadium event parking is in the main lot off of Ebenezer Rd
  2. NO PARKING ON GERST AVE. (except for the following)

Officials, Handicap vehicles (please move the cones drive through and replace the cones behind you)

  1. All tickets are to be purchased on
  2. Concessions will be open for all stadium events
  3. No bookbags, food or drinks
  4. All events are pay and stay
  5. There should be no standing on the walkway or ramp in the bleachers
  6. Spot-A-Pots are located at the entrance to the stadium

 PHHS Gym Events Rules/Directions

  1. All spectators should park on the main school lot and enter the building through the rear door at the bottom of the ramp to the stadium
  2. No one should be in the main building for any reason
  3. There will be no charge for Badminton
  4. Volleyball and Basketball tickets can be purchased on
  5. ALL visitors must wear a mask when inside the building except for the athletes on the playing surface.
  6. Volleyball will have concessions on the balcony for all games
  7. Bathrooms are located on the gym floor level at the ends of both hallways (boys to the right and girls to the left facing the gym floor)
  8. No bookbags, food or drinks