Tim Crotty Memorial Scholarships


Tim Crotty Memorial Scholarships:

To honor the accomplishments of PHHS student athletes, as well as other student supporters of the athletic program, the PHHS Athletic Booster Club is offering our 2023 scholarship program to include $3500.00 available to qualified candidates in the following categories:


I. Multi-sport athletic award: two scholarships, each $1000.00 awarded to the most qualified student athlete candidates

II. Athletic award: one scholarship, $500.00 to the most qualified student athlete candidate

III. Spirit award: two scholarships, each $500.00 to the most qualified student athlete/participation/support candidate



1. Must have participated in at least two different Varsity sports in their PHHS career (Category I /$1000.00 award); one different Varsity sport (Category II/ $500.00 award); document significant participation/ support in/of the PHHS Athletic Program and or team/s (Category III/ $500.00 Spirit Awards).

2. Class of 2023 must be a current member of the PHHS Athletic Booster Club. Class of 2024 must be a current member of the PHHS Athletic Booster Club your Senior Year and one additional year.

3. Must have a minimum  2.5 GPA (Categories I and II/ Passing for Category III).

4. Must be attending a school of higher education in the fall of the graduating year (Categories I and II); must have post-secondary plans such as college, trade school, job, military, etc (Category III). Scholarship checks will be made payable to the school attending/post-secondary institution.

5. Student does not need to be playing a sport at the school attending/post-secondary institution.



1. Completed Application Form (online & available in the PHHS Counseling office)

2. Two recommendations per category of application are required. Category I awards require recommendations from two varsity coaches. Category II and III awards require recommendations from either two varsity coaches or one varsity coach + one teacher/administrator. Recommendations must be emailed to scholarship@phhsboosterclub.org by the recommending coach/teacher/administrator, and will not be accepted otherwise. Recommendations are due 1 week AFTER the applicants package is due. **FOR 2024 RECOMMENDATIONS ARE DUE APRIL 10TH**

3. Proof of GPA/Passing status obtained from Guidance Department or copy of 2nd term report card.

4. 150 word (or more) essay describing what it has meant to you to be a PHHS student Athlete.



Application packets containing items 1,3 & 4 listed above should be submitted electronically to scholarship@phhsboosterclub.org; each applicant will receive an email confirmation of packet receipt. Applications will be reviewed anonymously by the PHHS Athletic Booster Scholarship Committee. Please note parents of qualifying seniors are ineligible from serving on this committee.






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