Become a Member 


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Perry Hall High School Sports Booster. Please click the Stone Alley registration image below to complete the membership registration process.

Why Become a Booster?

Join Us! And work with us to help make all of our sports programs a success. Your paid membership and any additional donation will be used to fund important athletic expenses that can't be covered otherwise. You will be contributing valuable support to our Perry Hall High School student athletes and the Baltimore County community.

The PHHS Booster Club has tried to structure the membership dues in a similar fashion as standard recreational fees. Teams typically charge $75-$150 for participation in each recreational program. The Booster Club, however, is requesting just one fee for the year, not per sport or team.

Membership Levels

Gold Level - $150.00 and membership receives a 2 Adult Passes and 1 Gator Sticker
White Level - $100.00 and membership receives a 1 Adult Pass and 1 Gator Sticker
Blue Level - $75.00 and membership receives a 1 Gator Sticker (Minimum level required for Scholarship eligibility)

Gator Level - $25.00 Show your support for the Gators.


  • $50 of Gold, White, or Blue memberships go to the team(s) of your choice
  • Multiple sports, $ divided between teams

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued

 * Please print out your receipt after purchase to show at gate until you receive your passes.

**Please note that starting with the class of 2024, in order to be eligible for the Booster scholarship, you will need to be a member for at least two years.